Monday, October 31, 2005

Thunderbird and OPML Import

Transition to Thunderbird
My transition to thunderbird was not a quick process. I was having thousands of mails I wanted to retain in my older email client. Thunderbird provided me with the option of importing all my mails from the older email client and I was relieved.

I gradually shifted to using thunderbird, and now I use only thunderbird as my exclusive email client.

I maintain a personalized page on Netvibes to read my favorite RSS feeds at a glance. I wanted to import all my feeds to Thunderbird so I can read them at home with the facility of read - unread posts. I found there is no way to import the OPML exported data given by Netvibes. Google and Bloggers helped me here and I got the solution in less than five minutes.

How to import OPML into Thunderbird
Instead of writing the procedure here I am providing the link for the solution. Here you will find the required information to download a jar file and install in the crome folder for Thunderbird. Now I am reading all my favorite feeds in Thunderbird and marking the posts read and only going through those which are unread.


Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

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