Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting help from others Knowledge

There are many Genious People out there
I know many of these people and even dont know many of them. But I know for sure now that I can make use of their knowledge with the social bookmarking services available now a days on internet.

BlinkList a place to get thousands of specially selected links
When a programmer, a designer browses a site and for them it is an important link they blink that link in their account at blinklist. But as they are better people to judge what link is better they end up saving important information I need in their public pages. This way I get the cream of the Internet from people whom I even don't know.

Now my offering for the Community
I am also aware that what interests me will also be needed for many of like minded people out there. So I also blink all my links as public for everybody to see. Actually blinking my links on the site BlinkList works great for me as I can operate the account from any machine any place. It provides me search options that no other bookmarking tool has provided yet. It also provides me options to view links saved by others. And in return I also end up contributing to the community by saving links I feel important.

Information suggested my Many
When a link gets many blinks it clearly means that many people are finding that link important. Many people over the globe are spending lots of time exploring information and saving it as links. Now I have no need to spend that time as people have already stored what they found and I get benefitted. This is why social word comes into picture when they say Social Bookmarking System.

Managing links + Helping Others
So while I am managing my links for my own purpose, directly I am also helping many people read content which is important and thus helping them save time. This is great. It feels good to help others with so less efforts.

Tagging features to make information retrieval easiest
The keywords I attach to my links helps me to search those links super fast. No time wastage in searching thousands of saved links to find something related to just one keyword. BlinkList provides us tags to add to the links. No restriction no barriers for number of keywords, tags and we can get the listing of our links from any tag we wish in a flash of time.

I am a happy user of BlinkList
BlinkList rocks!! Try it to believe!!

Tushar Joshi
Omitsoft Solutions, Nagpur.

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