Saturday, October 08, 2005

Read internet in a smart way

Internet is an ocean of information
It is becoming harder to cope up with all the information all the sites have. How can a person visit all the sites on the internet, and again revisit them to see the updated contents?

So people found out Simple Syndication
People found out RSS (Really simple syndication) means sites started providing a XML file with the updates and there were many Feed readers available to add those feed URL and show you the feeds. This made the picture easier as now we can add the feel URL to the feed reader and it fetches all the updated contents directly to you instead of you visiting the site. These feed readers were desktop applications like NewsGator etc.

AJAX and Web 2.0 made it simple
Now with the discovery of AJAX and Web 2.0 technology, many sites e.g.,,, etc have started providing space so you can add your feed panels to the home page and read all the updates on one page.

King of all readers
And now Google has arrived in the picture with the king of all readers Google Reader, the beauty is if I want to search for java tips and I don't know what are the sites providing the RSS Feeds for java tips then Google has provided a feed search box at the top and I can search for the feeds available on the net about java tips. When I can see all the feeds available I can also add those feeds instantaneously to my reader page. Wow!

What are you waiting for? Go visit



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