Saturday, July 03, 2010

Why should I attend Nagpur PHP Meet

I am member of an open source group in Nagpur.  The Nagpur PHP meet group meets every second Saturday from 4pm to 6pm.  When I ponder why I started attending these meets, these thoughts came to my mind:
  • As soon as I learnt that there is a group of passionate people who arrange meets for PHP, I was more than curious to attend it.

  • This meeting was very easy to attend as the Facebook page for the meeting told me it is a free of cost gathering, of people interested in PHP.

  • I was sure I will meet some new faces in this meets who are having same passion and interest like me in PHP.

  • Even if I spend time on PHP I know that everything cannot be learnt and there are always some parts of the technology left unknown,  such meets are opportunities to learn such unknowns as there may be some people who may have exactly spent time on those parts.

  • These meets are places where we come to know people from the same city who are willing to mix with others and share their experiences in the technology.

  • We happen to meet real people with real problems and also with the real solutions they may have found out for their problems,  this makes the meeting a synergistic event for mutual give and take.

  • Open source community is kept alive by people who learn and contribute back to the open source community, these meets are opportunities to contribute back to the open source communities, by giving presentations, workshops and sharing your experiences.

  • Meeting passionate people regularly keeps your enthusiasm ignited and you find your energy renewed and new ideas injected into your mind from all other minds.
Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

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