Sunday, August 17, 2008

GMail - Sign out all other sessions

Now GMail account is more secure. GMail provides information about how many sessions of the GMail account are currently open.

So if you have logged in to the GMail account from Cyber Cafe or a friends house and you do not remember whether you have properly logged out or not? Or if you have logged in to the account from home and the laptop is still on and used at home and you want to make sure you are logged off from the account.

GMail page now shows the opened sessions information at the bottom of the page. We can click the details link provided with that information to read the report of all the sessions and last activities done with our account.

This report is helpful in determining whether the account is opened from two places. The IP address information also provides insight whether the account is compromised.

The most important feature now GMail provides is the Sign out of all other sessions button on this report. Now we can just sign out of all other GMail sessions we may have opened from any other place by clicking this button. Only the session we are currently using is kept on and all others are logged off.

Now that is really secured.

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  1. My fiancé has a stalker who has broken into her gmail account. We are trying to find if there is a way to see all IP addresses who have accessed her account over a period of months or weeks. We have been able to shut him down and she has changed all of her passwords to more secure. We just need to find out where this stalker is to protect here safety. We were only able to see a few of the IP address when we logged off all servers.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank-you.


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