Saturday, August 19, 2006

Writing in Devnagari Unicode on Web Forums - HindiWriter

I came across a good Hindi writer software.  This writer is developed by Devendra Parakh and is available at TDIL Site.  This is a simple software which gets installed in seconds. 

You just have to press SHIFT+PAUSE buttons and you are in devnagari mode.  This mode allows you to type in devnagari unicode on any window where you can type characters.  This makes the devnagari writing experience smooth and easy.

I have used this software in Orkut, Yahoo, GMail, MSN Messenger and even in Notepad.  I had some problems writing Marathi with this software.  I wrote a mail to the author and got reply within 24 hours.  This is great.  You write a mail to the author and you get a reply directly by the author with fewmore tips and also a help file which is meant to be released in the new version of the software.  This help file helped me write Marathi full stop and also gave me tips about writing english characters in between Marathi unicode. 

I recommend this software for easy writing.  I have also used Baraha but HindiWriter is easier and direct.

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

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    Thanks Tushar. nice link, useful stuff

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